"Love Never Fails" Sign

"Love Never Fails" Sign

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A POSITIVE MESSAGE – Words designed to be uplifting and inspirational make the perfect stylish touch for your living room, kitchen, family room or anywhere in your home! 

QUALITY MATERIALS – Our metal pieces are made from 16-Gauge, 1/16-inch-thick, laser cut steel plates. The finished product is several times sturdier than comparable items built from less expensive Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) or thinner 20-gauge steels and feels a lot more substantial. It is of the highest quality, will not flex nor break like products made of inferior materials and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP – Each piece is fabricated in the USA in our Native American owned North Dakota based design studio by a seasoned and gifted metal artisan.

GENEROUSLY SIZED – Measuring approximately 20” Inches in length, this metal piece strikes the perfect compromise between size and style. It perfectly accents the surrounding decor without an overpowering effect.

BUILT TO LAST – Coated in a selection of vibrant colors, the metal piece can be easily color matched to the surroundings both indoor or out.

THE PERFECT GIFT – A truly special and long-lasting way to celebrate any occasion. The uniqueness, style and durable nature of the product underscores the importance of the event and will last for a lifetime.

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